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The heavens declare the glory of God and the firmament sheweth his handywork -Psalm 19:1

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Ana Lara - The Lord evangelist

15 years that the lesbianism and the Christ liberated her

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 Ana Lara - Evangelist



Clarifying doubts, myths, truths and lying from all relating the homosexuals and the lesbians.



1. Are the gays they born or become?

2. The lie and limitations ones Psychologists

3. The sexual violations and abuses at kids

4. The intimate a lesbian life

5. What does the gays barrooms occur inside?

6. Foul spirit transfer

7. An a homosex that a lesbian is possible or that changes totally or is a suppression or its freewill?

8. Are is Jesus Christ real for this change or they dumbbells religious fanaticism?

9. The spiritual blindness from the governments and whichever that God do not know all.

10. When consequence for a town his rulers approve themselves laws for same marriages the sex.

11. Is or Is not prejudicial that a couple of homosexual lesbians that they adopt a kid?

12. Advising the fathers.



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